Ultimate Reality

This book is a voyage of discovery through the atoms, solar systems and galaxies of our universe to find ultimate reality. What is the true nature of our universe? How do we fit into it? How may we comprehend and appreciate its marvellous harmony and intelligence? Drawing on the current state of knowledge of the sciences, the author reminds us that much smaller than a microchip is the genome that provides a text longer than eight hundred bibles which living cells can read and respond to it a fraction of a second. These cells consist of nothing but atoms, and if all matter of the universe is made up of atoms with the same intelligence, then this intelligence must be everywhere, all the time. This includes our bodies. What is this intelligence? Where does knowledge come from? How may we know it? Is this the same intelligence that guides the movements of the planets, solar systems and galaxies of our universe? Was it all caused by a 'big bang' or otherwise? Are other universes brought into being, sustained and eventually extinguished, in an endless cycle? The author addresses these and many related questions in the light of modern scientific discoveries. Explanations are given for all, including our unique conscious awareness, which is considered by many to be the most important unsolved mystery of modern science. He argues that the 'language' of cosmic reality is conveyed by intuitive thought, and that through contemplation we are able to slip out of our limited world view and connect with that universal, eternal intelligence, the ultimate reality.