Ultimate Pilates

As Miranda Richardson sums it up so well, 'Pilates will help you to do whatever you have to in life. With its emphasis on structure and synchronising breath, with a fluid yet dynamic set of movements, the body and mind are made strong and flexible. There is an almost immediate sense of well-being. Whether you are singing Aida , sitting at a desk all day or unloading shopping from your car, Pilates will benefit you.' Ultimate Pilates is a unique programme of exercises that will help you to condition your body and mind for ultimate fitness. This form of exercise is gentle, uncompetitive, relaxing, and also extremely effective. With an astounding 40 years' experience, Dreas Reyneke has developed a set of exercises from Pilates principles that improve posture, strengthen and tone the whole body and lift the spirits. As the Pilates phenomenon continues to sweep throughout the UK, the US and Europe, reaching even to small town gyms, Ultimate Pilates provides the definitive guide to practising and understanding this amazing exercise programme in the comfort of your own home. Here are just few comments from Dreas's students:'One of the finest teachers.' Viviana Durante, Principal Ballerina'Dreas has a deep understanding of how the body works.' Martin Amis'My husband thanks you.' Ruby Wax