UK Petroleum Retailing Industry in a Global Context

This title may appear provocative to some, but to the open-minded oil executive it should stimulate a total rethink with regard to approach and offer new insights into the business. The authors, both experienced oil executives, examine each underlying component of petrol retailing and unveil insights. In particular, they show how oil company executives tend to play safe , but in doing so, put their company in greater danger. They point out that playing safe can be dangerous , is a recurring theme in many oil company activities. The book, therefore, should be useful in alerting managers to the pitfalls in current wisdom and practice and in opening their minds to new possibilities. This book is aimed at oil company executives around the world, who are involved in strategy planning, and at those wanting an introduction to petrol retailing. It should also appeal to a more general audience who might be interested in the marketing of a global product that has reached maturity/commodity status.