Uganda Footprint Handbook

Land-locked in the heart of the African continent, Uganda has a fantastic climate, an ever-changing landscape and people who are honest, polite and genuinely pleased to help. Footprint's Uganda Handbook will guide you from the peaks of the Mountains of the Moon, through the Impenetrable Forest to the Source of the Nile, taking in adrenalin-pumping thrills of tracking gorillas and rafting some of the best white water rides in the world. * Includes selected itineraries offering advice on how to get the best out of your trip whether you're travelling for a week or a month * Extensive thoroughly researched information to help you plan your trip as well as advise you on the ground * Tips on white-water rafting, gorilla and chimp tracking * The heart of the guide is broken in to the key regions of Uganda - Kampala & Entebbe, Jinja Mount Elgon and the east, Kidepo Murchison and the north, Fort Portal, QENP and the west, Sseses, Bwindi, the south and southwest - and gives you comprehensive information on each of these regions * Each regional section has an overview map, local information on how to get around with transport and street maps where relevant, a short history of the region, thorough advice on what to see and do and a directory of key local information on banks, embassies, internet cafes and medical services. * 32-page full-colour section dedicated to Uganda's wildlife offering advice and information on what to see and where to see it * Also includes a full-colour mini atlas to help you get your bearings From the bustling city of Kampala to the heavily forested waterfalls of the tropical Ssese Islands, Footprint's fully updated 2nd edition will help you navigate this vibrant destination.