Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media

The field of complex photonic media is truly interdisciplinary, inevitably overarching multiple topics of physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, and engineering. In Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media , the editors bring together 19 essential chapters written by leading scientists in their respective fields. These tutorials cover the basic physical properties of complex photonic media and the underlying concepts that constitute breakthroughs in modern optics. Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media helps students, engineers, and scientists entering the field to become familiar with the interrelated aspects of the subject. It also serves well as a supplemental text in introductory and advanced courses on optical materials, nanotechnology, physical optics, or photonic metamaterials. The covered topics include: nanoplasmonics and nanophotonics, chiral media, negative index of refraction, random lasers, propagation of electromagnetic waves in scattering media, fundamental physics of photonic materials, organic photonic materials, photonic crystals, metamaterials, magneto-optics, optical vortexes, holography, and slow light.