Turkey and European Security Defence Policy: Compatibility and Security Cultures in a Globalised World

Series: Library of European Studies (v. 12)
Security perceptions in Europe have changed drastically in the last decade due to the effects of globalisation. As a result, the EU's relations with Turkey and the security policies of the EU and Turkey have become increasingly important. In light of recent developments - not least the controversial issue of Turkey's EU candidacy - this book attempts to answer two main questions: 'Is there a gap between EU and Turkish security cultures?' and 'To what extent is Turkey an advantage for Europe?'. Cigdem Ustun here examines Turkey's crucial role with NATO and details its relations and priorities in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Black Sea regions, comparing these with EU relations and priorities. This comparison illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of including Turkey in European security policies and will be essential reading for all those involved in security studies and policy.