Trusted Computing Platforms: TCPA Technology in Context

Trusted computing platforms are normal, open computer platforms (PC, server, printer, pda, mobile phone, etc) that have been modified to maintain privacy. This book explains Trusted Platform technology, a breakthrough in the field of computer security. It also provides an accessible introduction to a new industry standard in this space, recently introduced by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA), comprising the founding members HP, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq and Intel, as well as an extensive membership including Motorola, Cisco, Dell and AMD. This book explains the concept of the Trusted Platform, explores its implications, and illustrates the potential of the new technology using a variety of scenarios relevant to everyday business usage. Even established security professionals will not be familiar with these radical new concepts. Split into four parts, the first gives an overview of Trusted Platform technology, the second explains the TCPA specification, the third shows how Trusted Platforms can be built and used, and the fourth explores how this technology can be extended in the worlds of personal and business computing.