This book will prove to be of inestimable value to the student, the teacher and the professional trumpet player. It not only traces the development of the trumpet from the earliest times to the present day, but gives clear and concise practical instruction for playing instruments of the trumpet family, with numerous musical examples. Both experienced and aspiring trumpeters will be guided from the basic elements to the rediscovery of forgotten skills of the past. These include not only conventional trumpet and cornet playing but also directions regarding the art of Clarino playing with further instructions for Baroque trumpet, Renaissance cornetto, cavalry trumpet, bugle, coach horn, Flatt-trumpet, slide trumpet, keyed-trumpet, keyed bugle, cornopean, mutes and many more - all with photographic illustration. The history and mechanisms of even the most obscure instruments are examined, and guidance is also offered upon attitudes to breathing, relaxation, posture, presentation and the important subject of choosing a mouthpiece.Exercises are suggested for extending range and stamina and guidance provided to solving the problems encountered by many players at some time in their careers.