True Spirit: The Aussie Girl Who Took on the World

Inspired by those who have gone before her - and especially Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin - this is a quest and a story that will capture the hearts and imaginations of all who admire an adventurous spirit. TRUE SPIRIT covers everything that readers want to know: the planning, the itinerary, what she did to prepare and how her parents came to terms with her decision; what she thought about as she sailed, what she read, what she ate and how she lived in that tiny ten-metre boat; how she managed not seeing anyone for months at a time, the elements and the inevitable technical problems; how Jessica actually felt as she tackled perilous waters alone and how the experience changed her life. This is the book that will answer many of the questions raised by the followers of Jessica's blog as well as those who have seen her on television, heard her on the radio, or read about her amazing adventures in the papers and magazines.