Tricks of the eBay Business Masters

What tricks or tips will you find in this book? Here's a short list: * Plan for a successful business * Determine what kinds of products to sell * Find suppliers for your inventory * Manage your inventory levels * Administer your day-to-day business * Create more effective listings * Set the right prices * Handle customer payments * Pack and ship your products * Promote your business * Sell items on consignment as a Trading Assistant * Cut costs and increase profits * Expand your business beyond eBay Want to be your own boss? Want to make a decent living selling online? Want to start your own profitable eBay business? Then check out the 101 tips and tricks in Tricks of the eBay Business Masters-the best advice you can get for building a successful eBay business. Everything you need to know about building an eBay business is in this book. From writing a business plan, to purchasing inventory, to choosing a shipping service, you'll find pieces of advice that will better help you do what you need to do. These are the tips and tricks that the eBay business masters have used to grow their own eBay businesses. Now you can learn from the most successful eBay business people. Learn how to increase your sales-and your profits-with the 101 tips in this book, Tricks of the eBay Business Masters. Introduction ...1 1 Tricks for Managing Your eBay Business ...5 2 Tricks for Deciding What to Sell ...51 3 Tricks for Purchasing and Managing Your Inventory ...89 4 Tricks for Creating More Effective Listings ...121 5 Tricks for Setting Prices and Handling Payments ...163 6 Tricks for Packing and Shipping ...195 7 Tricks for Promoting Your eBay Business ...221 8 Tricks for Running a Successful Trading Assistant Business ...251 9 Tricks for Cutting Costs-And Increasing Profits ...269 10 Tricks for Expanding Your eBay Business ...291 11 The Ultimate Trick for eBay Business Success ...323 Index ...325