Tribute to Jonathan Makeba

Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent. The birthplace of humanity and mother of civilisation, it is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. However most African countries continue to remain poor and underdeveloped! Have you ever wondered why? With so many natural resources why can't the governments sell them in the international market and redistribute the wealth back into the area and among the people? What went wrong and why does it continue to go wrong? This book tells a captivating adventure story of Altair Maia a businessman from Brazil with a strong reputation in African business affairs. He gets invited to Burkina Faso, West Africa to rescue a failing business project started by Jonathan Makeba. Jonathan Makeba was a politician and businessman; the president of a small agricultural mining company in Burkina Faso. Makeba makes a deal with a huge international company in the USA for a mining project. They intend to mine phosphate for use in agriculture and sell globally. This promises to radically improve the economy and bring an entirely new level of social and economic development to Burkina Faso and neighbouring Niger. It is hoped a knock on effect will take place among other neighbouring countries and spread through the whole of Africa creating the perfect benchmark for international business. Jonathan gets invited to America to sign the contract and finalise the deal. However before he can do so he suddenly disappears, a new president is appointed to the company, the contract is changed and the future of the project is in disarray. Enter Altair Maia. He has a strong reputation as a specialist economic adviser on African business and he gets invited to Burkina Faso. His job; to investigate the changes, find out what happened to Jonathan Makeba and save the project from being abandoned. During his journey he sees first hand the level of corruption and how evil forces stop Africa from developing. This book is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Makeba, a brilliant and charismatic individual who tried to help his country but was betrayed. His story will serve as an excellent guide to the pitfalls set for those who want to help Africa, how to avoid them and make contingency plans. May the memory of Jonathan Makeba live in our hearts and may we keep fighting for Africa's independence.