Tribal Business School - Lessons in Business Survival and Success From the Ultimate Survivors

If you want to learn about survival and success, learn from people who have survived hundreds of years in the most hostile environments in the world. The indigenous people of the world cannot afford the modern corporate luxuries of complexity and confusion. For them, the penalty of failure is not to miss a bonus, the penalty is often death. Once you strip away all of the corporate life support systems of HR, IT, Legal, Help Desks and manuals you discover the real rules of leading for survival and success, you discover the heart of management. From his extensive research with tribes around the world, Jo Owen gives us insights in to the rules of success, survival and leadership, accompanied by colourful photographs. Tribal Business School reveals the lessons of survival and success from traditional societies and shows how business can profit from rediscovering the essence of leadership and the basics of what makes some organisations survive and others fail. Structured around seven simple lessons, with one tribe representing one lesson, this book is a rare combination of credible and highly topical - forget the high-brow theory; this is the ultimate primer in business survival.