Trevor Chamberlain: A Personal View - Light and Atmosphere in Watercolour

Series: Atelier S.
Trevor Chamberlain's watercolour paintings are a celebration of light and atmosphere, and his skill in painting directly from nature to capture the mood of his subjects has earned him an enviable reputation among both amateur and professional artists. Here Trevor Chamberlain offers a fascinating glimpse over his shoulder as he describes his approach to interpreting the effects of light and weather using the limited watercolourist's palette. Mood in nature is his constant source of inspiration and his favoured subjects are marine, town and landscape. He particularly enjoys capturing the transient aspects of the English weather but he has also travelled extensively and enjoys the challenge of confronting the unfamiliar light and surroundings in exotic locations such as Egypt, Iran and India. An artist of the plein air tradition, he always paints directly from nature at first hand, an approach which he enthusiastically recommends to readers of this book.