Treachery: Thomas Kydd 9

'In Stockwin's hands the sea story will continue to entrance readers across the world' - Guardian Thomas Kydd has dragged himself up in the navy from press-ganged seaman to captain of his own ship. Now he faces disgrace. After losing favour with his superiors, and suffering terrible personal tragedy, Kydd and his ship are sent to guard the Channel Islands from Napoleon's forces. When he is brutally betrayed off the Normandy Coast and removed from command, only his old friend Renzi is willing to stick by him. Kydd is determined to clear his name, but soon finds himself fighting yet another battle he seems to have no chance of winning. Can he defeat his enemies on both sides, and win back the glory taken from him? ************* What readers are saying about TREACHERY 'Another enthralling story of our hero' - 5 stars 'I'm a fan for life' - 5 stars 'Stockwin does it once again! A spell is cast over the reader to haul them into the world of Thomas Kydd' - 5 stars 'Excellent in all respects' - 5 stars 'A thrilling read, as usual' - 5 stars