Trauma Services for Women in Substance Abuse Treatment: An Integrated Approach

This book is a hands-on guide for clinicians seeking to treat women who suffer from both a history of trauma and the effects of substance abuse. The intertwined nature of trauma and addiction is explored through a review of recent research, with a focus on treatment options for PTSD and addiction that together form the basis for many of the recently developed treatments for trauma and addiction co-morbidity. Vital background material is included that describes the effects of trauma on emotion regulation, interpersonal functioning, parenting, and physical health. Finally, the book addresses the many real-world challenges clinicians will face in implementing trauma-focused therapeutic approaches in community-based substance abuse treatment.The authors have written an essential resource for substance abuse program directors who want to broaden their services to better assist their clients. It will also be helpful for clinicians and social workers who want to better understand the complicated nature of their clients' problems, as well as for researchers seeking to expand on the current understanding of addiction and trauma co-morbidity, and for all who seek to further develop integrated treatments to help lead victims to recovery.