Transitions in Vocational Education

This book focuses on the different passages and transitions in vocational education and professional work life. Exploring the personal experiences of coping with the transition from school to vocational education, from vocational education to work, and - finally - from work life to retirement, the book takes account of the rapidly changing conditions under which these processes take place. Research in the field of transitions in professional life involves diverse questions with different perspectives, paradigms, theoretical approaches, and research methods. On a micro-level, this book examines individual development processes; on a meso-level, curricula, teaching, and training measures in educational institutions and the workplace are being analyzed; and on a macro-level, administration of educational measures are taken into account. Contents include: Assessing Occupational Aspirations for Vocational Counseling * Occupational Exploration in German Secondary Schools * Motivations and Difficulties in Transition from the Lower-Secondary Level to the VET Programs in Switzerland * The Formation and Realization of Educational Expectations across the Transition to Senior Vocational Education in the Netherlands * Students' Self-Determination in the Transition from School to Vocational Education * The Educational Situation and Transition Process to Work of School Leavers with an Intellectual Disability in Austria * The Factors Facilitating School-to-Work Transition * Exploring Personalized Learning in the Context of the Transition System * Transitions from Exclusion to Work Integration Social Enterprises and into the Labor Market * Employability Assessment in Vocational Education and Transition to the Workplace * Perceived Continuity and Discontinuity in the Transition from School to Work * Higher Education and Work * Job Entry Phase in the Teaching Profession * Mature Age Students' Successful Transition into Higher Education * Navigating the Labor Market * Transitions of Expertise. (Series: Research in Vocational Education - Vol. 2)