Transforming School Climate and Learning: Beyond Bullying and Compliance

Creating safe schools from the inside out most educators agree that children learn better in an honoring and respectful culture. They also know that top-down imposed change rarely sticks. In Transforming School Climate and Learning, Bill Preble and Rick Gordon show how to accomplish lasting results by engaging both teachers and students in the five-step SafeMeasures (TM) process, a collaborative action research model that involves: 1. Establishing a school improvement team that includes teachers and student leaders 2. Collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative school climate data 3. Using data to develop school climate and learning improvement goals 4. Developing a culture that will dramatically improve school climate and student engagement 5. Implementing formative assessment for continuous improvement This innovative and proven program is advocated by the US Department of Education. Each chapter provides success stories from real schools, strategies and an implementation activity, and book study questions that help all participants transform both their school climate and student learning.