Training Tough Topics

Diversity training has been attempting to go beyond race and gender for years--but a paralyzing fear of tougher issues and a lack of adequate training materials continue to bring the effort to a grinding halt.

Finally, there's a resource to help overcome the fear, ease the discomfort, and fill a significant void in training literature. Training Tough Topics is the first book to tackle tough-to-teach, potentially divisive issues, including sexual harassment, transgenderism, the role of spirituality and religion in the workplace, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS, disabilities, workplace violence, and multiculturalism.

Thorough in coverage and written in an easily accessible style, this valuable guide gives trainers a positive, constructive approach to dealing with topics previously thought too tough to talk about.

Filled with complete programs on each topic that include specific techniques, overhead masters, scripts, and exercises, Training Tough Topics contains everything needed to build all-inclusive diversity education programs--and create a more honest, open, and productive work environment.