Trailing Passion Beneath My Soles

Danielle Renee Sciaretta was born in New Jersey in 1980. She obtained her BA in Sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. During her college career, she traveled abroad three semesters; Seville, Florence and Semester @ Sea. Much of her inspiration comes from her travels, especially Semester @ Sea, where she traveled to Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan. Currently, she is working towards her MA in International Relations at the University of San Diego. She hopes to soon work for an international nonprofit company or the State Department. She has composed poetry since she was a child growing up with chickens, horses and sheep-in beautiful New Jersey of all the places! Here are her words...of the buzz and character of life! Danielle currently lives in San Diego, California, with her two bulldogs, Sir Winston Churchill and Ivan the Terrible.