Trading with the Insiders: How to Profit from the Stock Trading of Corporate Officers

A detailed guide to profitably piggybacking on the trading moves made by corporate insiders Today, insider data is readily available for every publicly available stock. And while stories of illegal insider trading abound, the fact is that it is completely legal for corporate executives and directors to freely buy and sell shares of their own firm, as long as they report their transactions to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Given that company insiders presumably have a better handle on company performance and prospects than outside investors, these transactions may provide you with valuable clues about the future of the company's stock price. Now, in Trade with the Insiders, author Jonathan Moreland, an expert in the analysis of insider stock transaction data, reveals how you can use this information to improve your trading performance. This reliable resource will help investors track how insiders trade their own companies' shares by following the Form 4s filed at the SEC. Along the way, it will skillfully guide you through both the how's and why's of making the most of this profitable data stream. * Describes how to distinguish between different types of insider transactions * The author has used insider data as a major component in his stock recommendations, which have outperformed the S&P 500 index by more than fivefold over the last decade * Discusses how to zero in on those transactions that are most likely indicative of a company's future prospects In today's dynamic market, actions speak louder than words. So if you want to improve your trading performance, look at the way corporate executives handle the shares of their company and turn those insights into profits for your portfolio.