Trade Diversification in the Least Developed Countries

Trade Diversification in the Least Developed Countries examines the success of the least developed countries (LDCs) in implementing trade reforms to encourage trade diversification and considers what further policy reforms might be required to achieve this objective. The book begins with an overview examining the reasons why trade diversification is imperative for the LDCs, and provides a summary of the empirical evidence at regional and national level. It then assesses the impact of trade policy reform on trade diversification in Africa in general. The remaining chapters consist of a variety of country case studies including Bangladesh, Mozambique, Uganda, Haiti, Niger and Lao PDR. In conclusion it discusses the Uruguay Round in relation to trade diversification, its possible implications and adverse effects. The book will be essential to students of development studies, development economics and international economics. It will also be important for policy makers, officials and researchers in the developing countries.