Towards Sustainable Project Development

Towards Sustainable Project Development is an important new book which addresses the sustainability of development projects from an environmental as well as from a human resources perspective. It extends beyond the traditional concentration on economic issues, and is highly focused on practical experience, research, and operational analysis. In this book an outstanding group of international contributors explores sustainable project development in three main ways. It begins by considering environmental sustainability for development projects both methodologically and in practical policy terms, with emphasis on incorporating environmental policies more effectively into development programmes. The discussion develops to examine the success of projects in relation to approaches to human resource development and how the planning process is transformed into a manageable reality. Special emphasis is placed on managerial effectiveness as a key requirement for sustainable project initiatives. Finally the authors explore, with the aid of country case studies, the extent to which donors and recipients have developed their approaches to project and programme development and consider the opportunity for long term sustainability of development projects. This outstanding book will be invaluable to undergraduate and postgraduate students of development studies, to project and programme planners and managers, officials of international organizations and government departments.