Towards Improving Governance

Promoted by Transparency International India, this book has been compiled to create awareness about the current state of governance in India and directions needed to improve governance in the country. The volume seeks to analyse the efforts made in this direction and the various tools available to the common man for availing hassle free public services one is entitled to.The book is divided into four parts.The first part deals with the perception about governance since time immemorial. Part two covers the state of governance in four major monopolistic services, namely, the police, judiciary, income tax and property registration, and the efforts required to improve these services. Part three attempts at creating awareness amongst readers about various tools of improving governance and means and ways to use them. These tools include: Citizens' Charters, Right to Information, e-Governance, Social Audits, Report Card and Integrity Pact. Part four contains some exemplary initiatives to enable the concerned quarters to replicate them in order to improve the public service delivery system in some of the major public services.