Tourist Trap: When Holiday Turns to Nightmare

Tourism - the world's largest peacetime industry and the way many of us realize our dreams of escape. But sometimes holiday dreams turn to nightmares. Every year thousands of backpackers set off for the holiday of a lifetime - and some never come back. As the world becomes increasingly divided into the haves and have-nots, crimes committed against tourists are escalating. From the back streets of Mexico to the hostess bars of Japan, tourists are being raped, taken hostage, murdered and ritually sacrificed. Some simply vanish, their identities stolen; others fall into criminal activity themselves, smuggling drugs or committing heinous crimes against other tourists. And with the escalating threat of terrorist attack to contend with, are we safer staying at home? From the hell-hole jails of the East to the sordid world of sex tourism, this is an exploration of the dark side of the holiday experience.