Topics in Stereochemistry: v. 25

Topics in Stereochemistry, previously edited by the father of stereochemistry Ernest L. Eliel, is a longstanding, successful series covering the most important advances in the field. The much-anticipated Volume 25 includes chapters on the following topics: Stereochemistry of Molecules in Inclusion Crystals Torsional Motion of Stilbene-type Molecules in Crystals Supramolecular Networks of Porphyrins Homo- and Heterochirality in Crystals Supramolecular Synthesis of 1D Chains and 2D Layers in Hydrogen Bond Networks of Ureas and 2-D Pyrimidinones Chiral Auxiliaries Powerful for Both Enantioresolution and Determination of Absolutely Stereochemistry by X-Ray Crystallograph Engineering Stereospecific Reactoins in Crystals: Synthesis of Compounds with Adjacent Stereogenic Quaternary Centers by Photodecarbonylation of Crystalline Ketones The CH/ Hydrogen Bond: An Important Molecular Force in Controlling the Crystal Conformation of Organic Compounds and Three-Dimensional Structure of Biopolymers Stereoselective Thermal Solid-State Reactions Crystal Structures and Functionalities of Platinum (II) Complexes Controlled by Various Intermolecular Interactions