Too Little Salt: Ten Annoying Symptoms

Did you know that many common and irritating symptoms you may be suffering from can often be cured, or at least helped, by simply adding sea salt to your diet? Too Little Salt: Ten Annoying Symptoms shows you how to work out if your symptoms are caused by a lack of minerals and salts and what to do to make them better. Too Little Salt: Ten Annoying Symptoms will show you a variety of ways of adding minerals into your life, even for those of you who don't like the taste of salt at all! It tells you where to get the salt from, how to take it, and which symptoms it is likely to help - from the ten listed in the title to many more. This book even shows you what to do if you're already taking prescribed medication. If you like this book you may also like my other book, 'How To Breathe: The Symptoms if You Get it Wrong, and How to Fix It.'