Tony Parsons on Life, Death and Breakfast

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The bestselling author of MAN AND BOY turns his acute eye and pen to the biggest personal issues that face us -- as well as the annoying grit in the eye of everyday life. In this dazzling collection of essays, Tony Parsons reveals why, long before he became a bestselling novelist, he was an award-winning journalist. All facets of modern life are captured here - viewed from the sometimes outrageous, often controversial, and wildly entertaining perspective of our outspoken commentator. Men and women. Straying and staying. The sound of real guns and the fashion for fake breasts. What we should do about gobby yobs, junk sex and performance anxiety. Where cars and football went wrong. The myth of the mid-life crisis. The heartbreak of saying goodbye to your parents. Why Bobby Moore's smile holds the key to the universe. How true love and learning to box can save the modern male. Life, death and even a bit of breakfast! All of it served up with a side of common sense, lightly-buttered passion and lashings of hilarity.