Tongue & Groove

Inspired and informed by the music and urban landscape of New York City, Tongue & Groove employs jazzy and descriptive language in a sweep of city-life experiences and memories. A passionate rendering of incidents in spaces that include the subway, a school for the handicapped, and The Museum of Modern Art, Stephen Cramer employs richly sensual language and a wide range of imagery. Alluring portrayals of butterfly migrations, graffiti, and city buses complement this collection\u2019s connection to the everyday hoots, shouts, and yammer of the streets. --or you can openyour mouth & stick out your tongue,take that fugitive impulse from the artist\u2019s handstraight into your very gut & maybe find out along the wayif the lime-green of that inverted roof& the burnt almondof the filling station\u2019sroadside grasses live up to their names.--from \u201cTaste\u201d