Tomorrow All Will be Beautiful

This is for the girl with the dodgy sense of humour; for the girl who likes sad songs and blue marbles, the one whose dog got run over by a car, and the one whose cat just had kittens. It's also for the girl who'd rather have a ferret. It's for the girl who doesn't feel beautiful, and the one who gets everything she wants because she's so beautiful; for the girl who is always sad, and the one who woke up and found she was happy. A wonderful collection of stories and poetry by the popular and award-winning Brigid Lowry. 'Tomorrow All Will Be Beautiful' will make you laugh, cry, dance and sing.'A book that left me feeling witty, wacky and wonderful all at the same time.' Samantha'Stories of love and tragedy, but filled with hope, which just makes them even more beautiful.' Grace'I really loved this book - pick one of the stories and make it your own. It's easy to do.' Zoe