Tom Lynch's Watercolor Secrets: A Master Painter Reveals His Dynamic Strategies for Success

Paperback / softback
Art is a journey, not a destination. Welcome to Tom Lynch's watercolor world--enter and be led on an exciting artistic adventure! Tom Lynch's training methods are effective...and unique. In this book, Tom reveals his dynamic strategies for success and approaches them from multiple points of view so you can better understand and experience them. With Tom Lynch's Watercolor Secrets, you will: Experiment with value, color, shape, impact area and mood. Learn how to make each strategy work for you as you follow along with full-scale demonstrations. Put each strategy into action with special on location assignments and exercises. Discover how to transform your work from predictable to dynamic using unique salvage techniques. If you want your paintings to reach out and command the viewer's attention, Tom Lynch's Watercolor Secrets is the book for you!