Tolley's Taxwise II: 2011-12

Published as part of a two-volume set, this highly practical tax book provides expert guidance on how to approach real-life computations by detailing all the relevant points from current legislation, case law and other official material in the required format. Tolley's Taxwise II 2011-12 covers: Inheritance Tax, Taxation of Trusts and Taxation of Estates, incorporating a variety of features for ease of use including - Full cross-referencing and comprehensive indexing to assist in immediate location of required information, Tables of rates for quick reference, Guidance in the layout of computations, and Numerous worked examples with detailed explanatory notes. Tolley's Taxwise II 2011-12 includes the tax rates for: Capital transfer tax; IHT; IT rates; Rates for trusts and estates; and, CGT. It is written by tax experts who are renowned not only for their technical skills but also for their ability to make sense of complex subjects. It is a required reading for all students in professional tax examinations.