Thriving After Divorce: Transforming Your Life When a Relationship Ends

There are hundreds of books on divorce, yet few that address the most important relationship - the life-long journey to truly understanding yourself. Divorce does not need to be used as an excuse for the life you are not living. Thriving After Divorceguides readers through the myth-busting idea that even though a relationship has ended, their own personal self-development has just begun. Author Tonja Evetts Weimer shows how to create an authentic relationship with a former spouse, allowing for a continuation of combined goals without shared romantic love. By choosing to see divorce as a spiritually transformative experience, readers gain a new philosophy and attitude to conquer negative emotions, blame, or self-pity. Readers learn that by building and sustaining their own boundaries, divorce can be a positive experience that allows them to shift their perception and create a vibrant future. Thriving After Divorceis for all readers who are ending a relationship or going through a divorce, providing clear steps to create a fresh, independent, and fulfilling life.