This Place of Memory

Paperback / softback
These personal essays, poems, fiction . . . are best savored . . . amid the quiet comforts of your own special place of memories. It can bring forth tears, as well as smiles, of remembrance and recognition. It can leave you yearning to go home again--to people and places that now live only in your heart. --Dallas Morning News The perfect bedside companion . . . like fine candy--so good you may not be able to confine yourself to one or two pieces before bedtime. --Fort Worth Star-Telegram Offers some thought-provoking images and ideas about the notion of place, that home is where the heart is, whether that place is Dallas or Dimebox or somewhere that only exists in the back of the mind. --Texas Observer Even if you aren't a dyed-in-the wool Texan, this book will help you to understand Texans' remembrance and longing for a people, a way of life that seemed to belong just to Texas. --Denton Record-Chronicle