This is Life Skills

This is Life Skills Grades 1-3 is a well-written and beautifully illustrated series. The series: * introduces teachers and learners to outcomes-based education * is designed for language learning across the curriculum, and * caters for both the slow and fast paced learners. This is Literacy places great emphasis on the language of learning. The Learner's Books and Workbooks teach learners to develop literacy through critical thinking and practical and investigative activities, as well as to use language for learning. For teachers who wish to teach through the home language of the learner in the foundation Phase, and teach English as an additional but future language of learning, this series is a welcome aid. The easy-to-use teacher's guide is written to support the Revised National curriculum Statement (NCS). The teacher's Guide includes detailed lesson-by-lesson support, highlighted continuous assessment opportunity, additional activities and photocopiable summative assessment worksheets.