Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health

What, exactly, is promoting public health activity? How should we promote public health? Whose values are most important? Which theories can help inform health promoting practice? Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health is an important text that addresses these questions, exploring the key concepts, debates and issues involved in multi-disciplinary public health. The book considers the complex and diverse nature of public health and helps readers critically appraise the theories, research and policies that inform multidisciplinary public health practice. This timely and comprehensive book: considers the wide range of settings, people and methods that are involved in public health activities introduces key theoretical perspectives shows how research and knowledge directly inform public health interventions provides an analysis of how research can be used in the planning and evaluation of public health initiatives. encourages critical awareness and reflection. Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health will be a core text for those studying public health and health promotion across a wide range of health and social care disciplines. It will also be an invaluable resource for professionals and training organisations involved in promoting public health.