Theorizing Rituals (2 vols): Vol. 1: Issues, Topics, Approaches, Concepts and Vol. 2: Annotated Bibliography of Ritual Theory 1966-2005

Theorizing Rituals puts theory on the agenda of ritual studies. Apart from illustrating the current state of the art it aims at exploring new perspectives in this field. Volume one assembles 34 leading scholars from various countries and disciplines working within this field. The authors review main methodological and meta-theoretical problems (part I) followed by some of the classical issues (part II). Further chapters discuss main approaches to theorizing rituals (part III) and explore some key analytical concepts for theorizing rituals (part IV). The volume is provided with extensive indices. Volume two consists of an annotated bibliography of some 500 items covering those books, edited volumes and essays that are considered most relevant for the field of ritual theory. Theorizing Rituals is explicitly designed for the classroom. It is useful for research scholars within the field as well as for graduate students who enter the field of ritual studies.