The Yorkshire Stage, 1766-1803: A Calendar of Plays, Together with Cast Lists for Tate Wilkinson's Circuit of Theatres (Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield, and York) and the Yorkshire Company's Engagements in Beverley, Halifax, Newcastle, Sheff

This is a calendar of performances together with cast lists for one of the most important theatrical circuits in 18th-century England. The calendar is based on the collection of playbills that was a part of the personal holdings of Tate Wilkinson (1739-1803), who joined the Yorkshire circuit as an actor in 1766 and was the acting manager of the troupe from 1769 to 1803. During the period covered by this book, many significant British performers served their apprentice years with Wilkinson, including John Philip Kemble, Elizabeth Inchbald, Dorothy Jordan, Richard Suett, and Charles Mathews.