The Yellow Door

'When I opened The Yellow Door Deli fifteen years ago, the whole idea was to provide customers with the very food I like to eat every day; not stuffy, not overly lavish, just gutsy, flavoursome, honest food - proper pates, delicate desserts with buttery pastry and, of course, really good bread. This ethos has remained at the heart of The Yellow Door ever since'. Simon Dougan loves food - he loves cooking it, eating it and sharing it with others. This passion is at the heart of his hugely successful business, The Yellow Door, and it leaps off every page of this book. Using all the best local, seasonal ingredients, the book brings together over 130 recipes that take in deli favourites such as breads, brownies and salads, ideas for delicious starters, main courses and desserts; as well as canapes and drinks that are perfect for parties. This is a must-have book for anyone who loves food.