The XML Schema Companion

Get powerful results with XML Schema-fast! The XML Schema Companion brings you up to speed on XML Schema with clarity, thoroughness, and precision. Itis the perfect introduction and reference for every content specialist, architect, and developer...including anyone working with the new schema support in Microsoft Office 2003. As in his best-selling The XML Companion and The XSL Companion, Neil Bradley carefully organizes this book to fully illuminate the most crucial concepts first. You'll begin by mastering the construction of document models. Next, you'll learn how to define data types that can serve as reusable building blocks for your documents. Then you'll be ready to master the powerful XML Schema pattern language and inheritance techniques.The XML Schema Companion: *Carefully explains the essential principles of document modeling with XML Schema *Explains how to read and interpret any XML Schema definition *Uses practical examples to illuminate schema definition and validation *Shows how to resolve schema ambiguities *Introduces XML Schema data types simply and precisely *Demonstrates how to include external components in schema-conformant documents *Presents detailed, practical coverage of namespaces and namespace switching *Introduces advanced inheritance techniques for building more flexible, powerful document models *Contains an entire chapter of tips for more effective document modeling *Includes a complete DTD for XML Schema documents and shows how to create DTD-compatible schemas