The Worst of Golf: Shanks to Slip Ups - Malice and Missed Putts in the World's Most Frustrating Game

Series: Worst of Sport
If you think golf is a quiet, genteel game played by retired military types sporting handlebar moustaches and middle-aged women in sensible skirts, think again. The Worst of Golf gets right under the skin of game: from the superstars to the lowliest hacker, the book reveals the obsessive nature of the sport and those who play it. From the worst imaginable instances of gamesmanship to the worst wagers made in the history of the links; from the worst recorded case of choking in the face of victory to the worst tantrum ever seen on a putting green - mercifully, separate incidents - The Worst of Golf will simultaneously delight and appal any golfer, supplying countless priceless anecdotes for the nineteenth hole. Here's the worst cases of bad luck and the world's worst courses, the worst-dressed golfers and the worst rule-breakers...all from the Royal & Ancient game.