Worship Keyboard Book

Having produced and performed with a who's who list of musicians and entertainers - on keyboards ranging from grand piano to Hammond B-3 to synthesizers of all kinds - Tom Brooks offers unique insights into the most effective approach to playing keyboards in a modern worship setting. The Worship Keyboard Book presents the specific techniques needed to create powerful, supportive, and musical keyboard parts. Brooks demonstrates intelligent and well-tested approaches to creating rhythm and lead parts on each of the common keyboards. He addresses important aspects of developing comping patterns that fit with the rest of the band, how to work with guitars in a contemporary band setting, accompanying a vocalist, practical music theory, adapting to different genres and styles, improvisation, practice routines, perfecting your sound, and so much more! In the accompanying video tutorials - provided to support your growth as a modern worship keyboardist - Tom Brooks demonstrates the techniques and principles presented in the text. All media is delivered online to offer access to all of the content, whether you're using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.