The Worlds Most Extraordinary People... And Me

Ever wondered if a seven-year-old can bench press double his own bodyweight? Or who holds the record for the biggest enhanced breasts? Mark Dolan knows - he's actually met these people in his quest to discover the world's most extraordinary person. How often does the hairiest man in the world shave? Can a woman of 7 feet 9 inches find love? Where did one man find the energy to have 84 children? And what's it like having the largest breasts on Earth? Mark Dolan knows - he's met all these people and more, in his global quest to discover the world's most extraordinary person. Inspired by his hit Channel 4 series, Mark sets off around the world, discovering what it's really like to be totally unique. He immerses himself in the lives of child geniuses, toweringly tall women, tiny men, plastic surgery casualties and along the way, by accident, the oldest living person. Funny, enlightening and at times moving, Mark Dolan meets some of the most incredible people on the planet and discovers why standing out might be the new fitting in.