The World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation

A fresh and intelligent voice Rebecca Huntley has lifted the veil on the rising generation of young Australians; she brings wit and insight to her assessment of what makes them tick.' Hugh Mackay, social commentator Here is a much needed literary work that both exposes the foibles of and interprets the at times apparently scattered behaviour of our newest generation.' Bernard Salt, author of The Big Shift As a member of Gen X, I figured Gen Y couldn't be that much different. Oh how wrong I was. For anyone working with, living with or marketing to Generation Y, this book is a significant piece in the puzzle of figuring them out. A must-read if you want to better understand their mindset and their motivation.'Mia Freedman, author and Editor-In-Chief Cosmopolitan, Cleo and DollyJust who is Generation Y and why does it bother Generation X and the Baby Boomers so much?In a personal, witty and thought-provoking analysis, Rebecca Huntley offers a unique insight into this troublesome' generation. She investigates their attitudes to sex, relationships and marriage; the importance of friendship; consumerism and celebrity; body image; work, politics and religion. And she asks how this generation defines happiness, and what it envisages for the future.In a world changing faster than ever before, will these children of the Baby Boomers be up to all that this challenge entails? And as their world becomes our world, will we survive their onslaught?