The Working Saddler's Handbook

Keith Savory has been a practising saddler for over thirty years, producing saddlery and bridlework for both UK and export markets. In The Working Saddler's Handbook, he has gathered together invaluable information on techniques, tools and materials, as well as difficult-to-source measurements, conversion information and technical tables. Profusely illustrated with over eighty colour and black and white photographs, plus clear technical illustrations, the book provides fascinating glimpses into the history of this ancient trade as well as examining the influence of modern technology and the introduction of new techniques and modern materials. Although the author envisages this book as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, practical training, he sees it as an indispensable bench companion 'dog-eared and grimy from constant use'. Students and apprentices, as well as master saddlers and anyone connected with the saddlery trade, will welcome this essential handbook.