The Word on the Street: Homeless Men in Las Vegas

Just beyond Las Vegas' glitz live thousands of homeless people, most of them men. To the millions of visitors who come to the city each year, these people are largely invisible, segregated from tourist areas because it's good business. Available now in paperback, The Word on the Street is the first in-depth study of homelessness in Las Vegas. It is also an important investigation of how a popular tourist destination addresses this significant social problem.Through conversations with homeless men and years of fieldwork and analysis, Kurt Borchard reveals the lives and desperation of men without shelter. He offers a graphic, disturbing, and profoundly moving picture of life on Las Vegas' mean streets. He also analyzes Las Vegas' news reports about and public policy regarding homelessness, and the men's own perceptions of those policies. Insightful and evocative, the book shows a side of Las Vegas normally invisible to most visitors and residents. It is of vital interest to social workers, sociologists, anthropologists, politicians, policymakers, and people concerned about changing the misery on America's streets.