The Wisdom and the Beauty: A Selection of Short Passages from the Qu'ran

It is the repeated claim of the Qur'an that it is 'a revelation from God, the Almighty, the All-Wise'. The compiler, who is not a Muslim convert, takes a sympathetic look at this claim. A lifetime's study of the ancient Semitic languages brought him into contact with the people and culture of the Middle East. This has given him a deep insight into the common elements underlying the civilisations from which arose the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which today are locked in dangerous confrontation. His prolonged contact with that part of the world and its culture also bred in him a respect for another worldview, one which accepts that the world we live in is the creation of a Supreme Being and that we are answerable for the way we live our lives. This view may be out of fashion in the secular West, but it is not in conflict with the Christian view of life. Readers familiar with the Bible may be surprised to find in the Qur'an confirmation and additional details about the creation of Adam, Noah and the Flood, the annunciation and virgin birth of Jesus. The book is not written to convert anyone, but to foster greater mutual respect and understanding at a time when intolerant fundamentalist views are receiving all the attention. It is particularly addressed to those who are unfamiliar with the Qur'an, in the hope that men and women of all persuasions will read the selection with an open mind - the truth welcomes all. In choosing the passages, the author has compared several translations, and in some cases gone back to the original Arabic, to provide a version that expresses most clearly in English the wisdom and the beauty of the revelation given to Muhammad. It is presented as a beautifully produced hardback gift edition with three delicate four colour illustrations - food for thought.