The What Dogs Were Popular, When and Why?

A decade in history can be defined by its dogs. They represent events and fashions of their day, a doggy snapshot of history captured in photography, art, collectables, jewellery, houseware & decoration, books, films, magazines and TV shows. This fascinating book explores what dogs were popular, when and, vitally, why. Did you know? Borzois were the dogs of the day in the years following the Russian Revolution when Russian emigres moved to England with their stylish dogs The Deco period was exemplified with geometric terriers - Scotties, Airedales and Fox Terriers The Great British spirit was depicted by Winston Churchill's lookalike, the British Bulldog, in the war years Disney dogs ruled the day in the 1960s - Spaniels and Mongrels: The Lady and the Tramp The Queen put Corgis on the map in the 1950s whilst our Francophile fervour added made Poodles fashionable The long-haired love of the 1970s was the ABBA-resembling Afghan Hound The affluent 1980s were summed up with well-groomed lapdogs - Pekes and Yorkies. To the Manor Born