The Weather Book: Why It Happens and Where It Comes From

The Weather Book is a delightful miscellany of everything remotely meteorological. Jam-packed with enlightening facts, practical diagrams and clear explanations about weather phenomena and why they form. Including: Weather systems - from electrical storms, heat waves and hail to cyclones and the good-old drizzle . Incredible tales of weather at its most extreme - from the wild winds of the world, such as the Habob, which brings sandstorms to north Sudan, to the hottest spots on Earth, including the Lut Desert in Iran, which gets to a scorching 70.7ºC . Old-school weather wisdom - 'Red sky at night, shepherds delight'. All of the above plus an array of fascinating facts, quotes and anecdotes make up this charming gift book. Refresh your memory from long forgotten school lessons and extend your knowledge on one the most talked about subjects.