The Very Worried Sparrow

This is the story of a sparrow who worries about everything - whether there will be enough to eat, where he will build his new nest, how he will find a mate, whether his family will be eaten by a bird of prey...Then he hears about the Great Father who made and cares for all his creation - even the tiniest sparrow. This delightful story has reassured thousands of children since it was first published in 1978. Gaby Hansen's books have been published by: Baumhaus, Brunnen (Germany); Zirkoon, Veltman, Memphis Belle (Holland); Hemma, Milan (France); Everybook, Sibylle, Eun Ha Soo (Korea); Minoas, Rekos (Greece); Amber, Egmont (Poland); Didakta (Slovenia); Hyronsha (Japan); Koala (Australia); Aksarapipat (Thailand); Beascoa (Spain).