The Time Travelers Academy

[ ] In time travel theory, there is an unknown aspect of the grandfather paradox. If a person does anything that will affect the future, some force in nature will stop them. In The Time Travelers Academy, this force comes within a hair's breadth of destroying humanity when a comet brings a new and unstoppable plague to Earth. The President makes a choice that will either save Earth's inhabitants or annihilate them. At a secret military academy, ten cadets are selected to travel to the future of Earth's sister planet, in the hope that planet has found a cure for the plague. The mission's leader, John Richards, knows that past time travel risks encountering time eliminators: entities that will absorb him and his crew out of existence before their actions can literally reset the universal timeline. But when Richards learns that his fiance was killed in a contract hit, he's determined to go back in time and prevent her death, even if it risks the destruction of the current Earth.